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Eight tips to prepare for (and make the most of) Xerocon Sydney

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Natalie Amor

Aug 26, 2022

In just a couple of weeks, accountants and bookkeepers from all over Australia, New Zealand and Asia will descend upon Sydney’s International Convention Centre (ICC) for two days of inspiration, education, connection and fun. You guessed it; we’re talking about the return of Xerocon! After a three-year hiatus, we couldn’t be more excited to bring you – our partner community – together again at the world’s most beautiful and innovative conference for cloud accounting leaders. 

For many partners, we know this won’t be your first rodeo. However, following recent years, it’s safe to say some of us are a little rusty when it comes to events and networking. So whether you’re a Xerocon veteran or a first-timer, we’ve rounded up our top expert tips to help you prepare for (and make the most of) the two days. Our subject matter expert is Nicole Lynch of boutique bookkeeping firm Streamline Management Australia, who has attended eight Xerocons (and counting). Read on to find out what she’s learned over the years.

1. Comfort is key 

“Xerocon is a big event – figuratively and literally. You’ll be walking, standing and moving around a lot (not to mention dancing all night long at the wrap party), so make sure you wear comfortable clothes and shoes. There’s no need to suit up; jeans and sneakers will do.”

2. Stand out from the crowd with a branded t-shirt

“There’s going to be thousands of people filling the ICC, many of whom you might’ve interacted with online before, but never face-to-face. So it’s a good idea to wear a t-shirt with your practice name or big logo. Those who’ve never met you in person will likely recognise the branding before anything else, so it’s a good way to stand out and start conversations.”

3. Pack light

“If you’re travelling, a carry-on bag with a change of clothes and the bare essentials is all you’ll need. Pack light to make room for Xero swag – there’ll be a station where you can pick up water bottles, t-shirts and other Xerocon-branded goodies – as well as prizes, if you’re lucky. I’ve even sent things home in an express post bag in previous years to save room!”

4. Arrive early 

“For those travelling from overseas or interstate, I’d highly recommend arriving in Sydney a couple of days before the event. This way, you’re guaranteed to get there on time (plus, there’s always lots going on before Xerocon). I found this out the hard way when my flight was cancelled the morning of Xerocon back in 2015. Lesson learned!” 

5. Buddy up

“Us accountants and bookkeepers can be an introverted bunch. But if you can, try to couple up with a buddy – whether that’s a friend or colleague in the industry, a team member, or someone in your region’s Partner Facebook Community. Events are always more fun in twos (or more).”

6. Divide and conquer the breakouts

“To add to my tips above, bringing your team or buddying-up means you can divide and conquer the breakout sessions (which often overlap throughout the afternoon). If two unmissable sessions are running simultaneously, you and your partner can attend one each and swap notes.”

7. Pace yourself

“At Xerocon, you’re bound to socialise around the clock, so make sure you pace yourself over the two days. Take advantage of the quieter moments whenever you get the chance. Sometimes, all you need is 10 minutes to reset and recuperate.”

 8. Debrief as soon as you can

“Soon after the event wraps up, get together with your team or buddy to discuss your key takeaways. Once you’re back at work, it’s easy to get stuck in the grind and forget all the fantastic things you learned over the two days. So the sooner you can debrief post-Xerocon, the more likely you’ll put your learnings into practice.”

With these insider tips front of mind, your Xerocon Sydney experience will surely run smoothly. Find out more about this year’s event here. We can’t wait to see you! 

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