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Make sales tax easier with Xero’s new auto sales tax, powered by Avalara

Product Updates 2 min read

It’s no secret that businesses are always looking for ways to work smarter and faster. In fact, according to a recent survey of finance professionals commissioned by Avalara, 71% are investing in more tools and solutions to close overall efficiency gaps. When it comes to manual tasks, there are few that are more burdensome than...

Headshot of Eli Danziger Eli Danziger 23 hours
Product Updates 7 min read

The single client record is coming: here’s what your practice needs to know

Xero Oct 9, 2023
Product Updates 3 min read

US Roadshow Accelerate: Xero brings the product announcements (and the noise)

Author Profile Picture Ben Richmond Aug 21, 2023
Small Business Resources 3 min read

App Partner Stories: Make the most of the small business summer rush by preparing ahead of time

Xero May 23, 2023
Product Updates 4 min read

Four ways to get your banking data into Xero

Xero Jan 25, 2023
Product Updates 2 min read

A new partnership with BMO to streamline bank reconciliation

Author Profile Picture Faye Pang Nov 14, 2022
Accountants & Bookkeepers 3 min read

How BDO and Xero help a McDonald’s franchisee grow her business

Xero Sep 21, 2022
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