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Settle up. Shining a light on the late payment scandal

Data & Insights 2 min read

Small businesses are the heroes of our economy. Yet they are not well defended when it comes to late payments, which cost UK businesses an estimated £1.6 billion in 2023.* The problem is politely called ‘late payment’ which makes it sound like a legitimate business practice. But it’s not. Late payments can drown small businesses....

Alex von Schirmeister Jul 11, 2024
Small Business Resources 3 min read

To franchise or not to franchise: What should a business consider before taking the leap?

Xero Mar 21, 2024
Data & Insights 3 min read

Embracing growth and efficiency: Key insights from the UK Accounting and Bookkeeping Industry Report 2023

Xero Sep 13, 2023
News & Events 2 min read

Xero talks: highlights from an afternoon focused on the future of accounting

Xero Mar 30, 2023
Data & Insights 2 min read

Where opportunity lies: Australia’s new small business boom

Author Profile Picture Joseph Lyons Apr 26, 2022
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