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Supporting our customers through bank feeds issues

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Nigel Piper

Oct 29, 2021

We want to update you about some recent issues with bank feeds. Xero has experienced a higher than normal volume of cases in recent months with many customers experiencing issues with their bank feeds.

Thank you to all the customers who have taken the time to raise a case and flag the issues they are experiencing. We want to see these solved and you sharing your experience helps us do that. We’re sorry if the experience has not been as timely and efficient as you’d expect from us.

We know bank feeds are a critical part of your Xero experience, and so getting this right is a priority for us.

What are the changes to Xero’s bank feeds?

Let’s start by explaining some of the changes we have been navigating over the past few months with UK Open Banking and Yodlee.

In the UK, until recently, Xero has used OpenWrks as the service provider to access Open Banking and provide bank feeds to our customers. OpenWrks was acquired by Swedish company Tink, and so all our customers with an Open Banking connection were informed about the upcoming changes they would see when next reauthenticating. Tink is a regulated service provider that provides an open banking platform for Xero to securely connect to UK banks. After 30 August 2021, any time you re-authenticated your bank connection you will have been automatically connected to your bank via Tink.

Outside of the UK, another key update was around our Yodlee bank feeds. Xero partners with Yodlee to securely import bank transactions for thousands of financial institutions where direct feeds aren’t available. We were required to upgrade the version of Yodlee that Xero uses to provide bank feeds, which meant that existing bank feeds needed to be updated to this new version, so that bank transactions continue to flow into Xero.

We know these changes may not have been as seamless as we expected for some of our customers. We are working hard to rectify these issues and give you the support you need as quickly as possible so you can get on with what matters – running your business or supporting your clients.

How you can get support

We know that sometimes things don’t work as smoothly as we’d like and if you do need help with a bank feed issue, here are some ways you can get support:

Xero Central: Check out the following support articles that may help resolve the issues you may be experiencing:

Raise a case with our support team: If you’re still experiencing an issue, raise a case with the Xero support team. Our support team works 24/7 and will be able to provide you with the individual support you need. To ensure we can assist you as quickly and as effectively as possible, please make sure you include the following details when you raise a case:

  • The name of the Xero Organisation and the last 4 digits of each account
  • The name of the bank you’re trying to connect to
  • Any screenshots of error messages encountered during the connection process
  • If transactions are missing, a copy of your bank statement

For Yodlee issues, please also provide:

  • The URL (website address) used to access online banking
  • Details of whether you / your client is able to log into online banking currently or is the site unavailable?

If you have raised a case: If your issue is yet to be resolved, please reply back to the original case in Xero Central. Be sure to provide the information listed above if you haven’t already. Doing this means the Xero team can get back to you quickly and understand the context of your issue.

Thank you again for your patience and understanding with any issues that are impacting your Xero experience. We’re working on these as a priority, and will keep you updated with our progress.

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