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How InvoiceInterchange and Xero helped Allies of Skin manage cash flow


Nov 26, 2020

Allies of Skin (AOS) was founded with a simple goal in mind – “Take clinically proven activities and use them in supercharged concentrations for optimal efficacy and visible results”. In a world where skincare myths and charlatans abound, this is a refreshing approach to delivering skincare products that people can fall in love with.

AOS formulates its products so that each ingredient operates at its optimal pH. This provides the dual benefit of supporting the skin’s ability to heal itself and being compatible with all skin types.

And it’s not just skin that these beauty warriors care about – AOS believes in creating animal and environmentally friendly products. In fact, AOS has recently been officially certified as a cruelty-free brand. 

How InvoiceInterchange and Xero are helping

AOS had been searching for an accounts receivable financing solution. The team approached several traditional banks in Singapore but, like many small businesses, they found the banks didn’t understand the needs of a company like AOS and the banking solutions on offer were too inflexible. 

So AOS turned to non-bank options in the hope of finding an alternative finance provider that was more flexible and better suited to the needs of start-ups. However, this search also looked set to end in disappointment until AOS discovered InvoiceInterchange.

“What we saw in InvoiceInterchange was an alternative finance provider with a service proposition geared towards start-ups and staff that really understand the unique needs of new companies,” says Jim Perkins, COO of Allies Group Pte Ltd.

InvoiceInterchange proved to be the perfect solution for AOS’s financing needs. “There is a perfect match between what we perceived InvoiceInterchange could offer us and what they have delivered. And they have had a materially positive impact on our business,” Jim adds. 

InvoiceInterchange is a trusted alternative finance provider that offers simple online finance solutions that help businesses prosper. Its online invoice financing marketplace provides simple, flexible and fast working capital solutions that small businesses and startups can use to manage fluctuating cash flow and fund business growth.

What’s the key ingredient to InvoiceInterchange’s success?

The flexibility of their solutions and the speed at which they can provide funds sets InvoiceInterchange apart. And clients love that they can free up their working capital without having to deal with restrictive security arrangements, minimum charges, lock-in contracts or hidden fees. Jim agrees saying, “What I value most about InvoiceInterchange’s service is the speed at which we can convert invoices to cash. And the new Xero integration makes uploading the necessary documentation super simple.”

InvoiceInterchange, available on the Xero app marketplace in Singapore, enables small businesses and startups to access capital tied up in unpaid invoices, manage their cash flow and grow their business without ever leaving the Xero accounting software they know and trust. The Xero app securely transfers the data InvoiceInterchange needs to assess a finance application and then accounting entries for the approved funds are automatically generated in the business’s Xero account.

“The uncertainty that accompanies waiting for customer payments is a huge problem that small businesses deal with on a daily basis. This integration allows Xero users to leverage their outstanding invoices to access immediate funds through InvoiceInterchange in real-time,” says Brian Teng, Co-founder and CEO of InvoiceInterchange. 

When asked whether they recommend InvoiceInterchange’s services, Jim says “Absolutely and unequivocally. Any company that wants to improve its cash flow should be talking to InvoiceInterchange.” 

If you’d like to see how InvoiceInterchange can help you manage your cash flow and grow your business, check out the InvoiceInterchange-Xero integration now.

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