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Hubdoc news: You can now set a default due date for bills

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Robby Jennings

May 18, 2021

Since we bundled Xero and Hubdoc together, we’ve introduced a number of new features to make it easy for you to capture bills and receipts in Xero. These include duplicate document detection and the ability to navigate directly from Hubdoc to Xero

Our latest feature in Hubdoc is available from today, and allows you to set a default due date for suppliers on your terms. 

Setting a default due date

Hubdoc usually uses advanced machine learning technology to set a due date if one is included on a bill. However, some suppliers don’t include a due date, or the due date is different to your preferred payment date. In this case, you can now set a default due date for a supplier. 

Once you have set a default date for that supplier, the next time you receive a bill from them, your preferred due date will automatically show. 

A good example of when you might like to override the due date on the bill, is when your supplier offers you a prompt payment discount. In this case, you can set the due date to match the discount date. From there, you can see the bill in Xero under ‘Awaiting Payment’. 

Another example is when your business chooses to pay its bills on a different date than the date referenced on the bill. Again, you can simply set the default due date to match the date your business pays its bills, so they appear together and are easier to manage.

Working with our community

Like everything we build, this feature came from listening to our customers. In fact, the need to set default due dates has been one of the top requested features for Hubdoc by the Xero Community. 

Thank you to all of our customers for advocating for this need and working with us to make the product better. Please keep it up! And look out for more new features this year, as our teams continue to bring Hubdoc and Xero closer together. 

We also want to thank you for your patience, as we work to iron out some performance issues in the product. Our deeper integration with Xero has meant a massive growth in Xero customers using Hubdoc to streamline their bookkeeping work over the past year. 

With this growth has come new challenges around how to make sure our product performs reliably for these new customers. We’ve invested heavily to support this growth, and you’ll be pleased to see increased stability in the platform going forward, as well as a more seamless integration with new features over time. 

Hubdoc is included in some Xero plans and is easy to set up in Xero. It’s also part of our partner program, so you can earn points for using Hubdoc with your Xero practice organisation.

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