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Net Zero @ Xero: Supporting conservation, biodiversity and clean energy generation

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Kelly Asimus

Mar 3, 2020

At Xero, we’re committed to building a fast-growing but sustainable business. As part of our focus on social and environmental impact, we announced Net Zero @ Xero in November 2019. This is our commitment to offset 100% of Xero’s carbon emissions across all areas of the business for the year to 31 March 2019, and going forward. 

Since we made this commitment, we’ve been working to determine our approach. We want to ensure we balance out the carbon emissions produced by our operations and major suppliers in a thoughtful way and have a positive impact on our communities and the planet. 

I’m now proud to announce that Xero has offset 100% of its carbon emissions for the financial year ended 31 March 2019. We have done this by purchasing carbon credits across three separate carbon certified environmental projects and conservation schemes across the globe that are recognised under international standards. 

The projects are in New Zealand, Indonesia and India. They are designed to restore indigenous forests and protect endangered species, and  soak up carbon dioxide directly from the air. They also generate clean energy with the aim of reducing future emissions. The projects are:

Fishermans Bay Conservation Project (New Zealand)

This small-scale project is located near Akaroa in New Zealand. The project is predominantly indigenous forestry recovery, with several high value conservation activities. These include protecting the breeding habitat of endangered yellow-eyed penguins and extremely rare plants.

Katingan Mentaya Project (Indonesia)

A world-leading forestry project that protects critically endangered species and is home to 5-10 percent of the global population of the Bornean orangutan. This project also contributes to nine of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

Biomass Based Cogeneration Project (India)

A small-scale biomass project in India that generates thermal energy from feedstock (sourced from rice husk waste) in the region. As a result of this project activity, two oil-fired boilers and a diesel generator have been retired. Plus less power is now being drawn from the local electricity grid.

Net Zero @ Xero is just one step on our journey to ensure we are doing our part to look after the planet and set ourselves up for long-term sustainability and success. Ultimately, we’ll look to optimise our carbon footprint so that we are reducing our impact, rather than just offset it. This includes looking at ways we can deliver efficiencies with our data centre usage through suppliers, global premises and our supply chain. 

For more information about our social and environmental impact efforts, visit

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