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How to make the most of the app exhibitors at Xerocon Sydney

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Patrick Frigo

Aug 31, 2022

With less than one week to go until Xerocon Sydney, the stage is almost set for the world’s most beautiful and innovative cloud accounting conference of 2022. We’ve organised a stellar lineup across the two days, filled with keynote speakers, thought-provoking panels, and educational breakouts  – not to mention an unmissable 80s themed wrap party at the iconic Luna Park. 

Also in the mix? Over 75 app exhibitors from the Xero ecosystem, giving you the opportunity to learn about all kinds of digital solutions for your practice and clients. With so many options to explore (and friendly ecosystem folk to chat to), it pays to have a game plan in mind. This is to ensure you’re connecting with apps that are most relevant to your firm and your clients, as well as getting the most out of these conversations. So to help you get prepared, we’ve collated some tips below. 

Do some research beforehand 

One of the great things about Xero’s ecosystem is its diversity; there are thousands of app solutions for all kinds of practices and small businesses. So before Xerocon kicks off, it’s a good idea to do your research. Start by looking at your firm – what processes are slowing you down or could be made more efficient? Then, assess your client base through the same lens. If you have a team, it can help to get their input here. 

Once you have a general idea about the kind of apps you’re looking for, head here to learn about the full list of partners exhibiting at Xerocon Sydney. These will also be included in the Xerocon app (keep an eye on your emails for more info on this), along with each exhibitor’s bio and a floor plan of the exhibition hall. Remember to consult your Xero Account Manager before and during Xerocon to help navigate the exhibitors, and use the Xero App Store to dive deeper into your research. From here, create a shortlist – and keep it handy at the event – of apps you’d like to approach (leaving room for spontaneous conversations too, of course). 

Block out your time, and keep track of it

As we mentioned earlier, Xerocon is an action-packed event, meaning you’ll need to plan your time carefully. On both days, an hour and a half will be dedicated to lunch, networking and exploring the app partners in the venue’s exhibition hall. This is your window to strike. Just be sure to keep an eye on the time as you start conversations and move through the stands – especially if you want to hit up a few exhibitors throughout the event. 

Have an elevator pitch prepared (trust us, it helps) 

Don’t worry, we’re not expecting you to win over the app partners with your skills and accolades. Instead, we recommend coming up with a quick elevator pitch about your practice – including its pain points, potential areas for improvement, and the types of clients you work with. Why? To help the exhibitors quickly determine whether their solution or tool could actually benefit you. After all, there’s no point getting deep in conversation about an app you’re unlikely to use. 

Get your team members to do the talking 

If you’re bringing your team along to Xerocon Sydney, consider who will get the most out of speaking to the exhibitors. As a practice owner, you might not be the one to implement or even use practice apps on a daily basis. So encourage your team members to do the talking and report back with their recommendations. 

Take action

Once you’re back to business (and have recovered from an incredible few days!), it’s important to revisit all the information and, most importantly, take action. This could mean visiting the Xero App Store and starting a trial for the app (or apps) you feel will be most impactful to your practice or your clients. Ultimately, you want the time you invested into researching and speaking to the exhibitors to be worth your while. 

After a three-year Xerocon hiatus, our ecosystem partners are so excited to reconnect with you – the advisory community. And with these tips front of mind, you’re sure to make the most of everything they have on offer. 

To plan your Xerocon Sydney experience and learn more about this year’s event, check out the agenda.

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