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Customise your chart of accounts templates in Xero HQ

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Mark Schultz

Nov 10, 2020

Coming soon – customise chart of accounts templates for your region to suit your practice and your customers. 

This functionality will be available to our partners in the following countries where, earlier this year, we released regional chart of accounts templates: Australia, New Zealand, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Singapore, and South Africa.

Xero partners love the time saving benefits that the regional templates bring when onboarding clients. With the addition of the ability to customise them, you can use your own account codes and chart of accounts structures.

Standard out-of-the-box report templates work automatically with Xero-provided regional chart of accounts templates. Now, when you create your own customised chart of accounts templates, you can edit the report code mapping, giving you complete flexibility. With a consistent structure and your clients accounts standardised to your preference, your practice can operate more efficiently. 

It’s easy to customise a chart of accounts template and create as many variations as you need. In Xero HQ, you copy an existing regional template, then edit it to create a template for any business or industry type you encounter in your region.

Three easy steps to create your own customised chart of accounts templates

Step 1. Select the template to copy from the chart of accounts library in Xero HQ.

Step 2. Select Copy template and give the copied template a new name.

Step 3. Edit the new template to suit your needs.

How to create a custom template

Here’s a quick video demonstrating how to create a custom template.

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