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Converting your clients’ data to Xero doesn’t have to be complicated


Nov 4, 2021

This post is authored by Fiona Beadsmoore, Partner Relationship Manager at Jet Convert. With more than 10 years’ experience in the accounting industry, Fiona understands how to make a conversion work for you. Fiona works with partners and businesses, helping them to achieve operational efficiencies and enabling them to deliver maximum value to their customers. 

Change isn’t always easy. This is especially true when it comes to converting to new accounting technology. Worries and questions abound. “Will it take too much time?” “Will I lose data?” “What about security?” “Is it even worth the headache?” 

However, switching your accounting practice clients over to Xero doesn’t have to be tricky or time-consuming. In fact, with Jet Convert here to help you convert your clients to Xero, the process is painless. 

Knowing the value of cloud accounting to better serve their clients, EisnerAmper, the 17th largest accounting firm in the United States, first went through the Xero conversion process years ago, with the help of another company. However, that didn’t go as smoothly as they hoped for their clients’ needs. So, they turned to Jet Convert to handle client conversions more than two years ago.

“When I started working at EisnerAmper, they had already gone through a big conversion of multiple clients with another conversion firm. And unfortunately it didn’t go well,” shares Chris Georgiou, Manager at EisnerAmper Cloud Accounting. “So we reached out to our contacts at Xero to let them know that we needed a better conversion specialist supplier to help us, and Jet Convert was one of the names they provided. We’ve done quite a few conversions with Jet Convert so it makes sense – it’s easy, the price is reasonable, and the turnaround is great.” 

Simple and straightforward conversion 

Clients expect the integrity of their data to remain 100% accurate throughout a conversion. Understanding this, Georgiou recognizes that he needs to ensure their clients received high-quality conversions to Xero that reflected EisnerAmper’s standards. 

Accountants and partners are busy building their client base and servicing them so don’t have the time to be bogged down with a clunky conversion of data. They need a conversion partner who makes the process run smoothly while maintaining the accuracy their clients expect from EisnerAmper. 

“From the initial process until the end, it is a seamless process. First, I upload the file, and then I receive updates throughout the conversion,” says Georgiou. “It just moves along very quickly, and then I like the post-conversion Action Checklist and Trial Balance report comparing QuickBooks with Xero, showing there is no difference. So that provides closure at my end.” 

This is especially important when converting several years of history during the conversion, allowing EisnerAmper to provide vital, historical information for their clients that might otherwise be buried, or worse yet lost, during the conversion. 

“The history import of a couple of years or more is a great feature,” says Georgiou. “We tell our clients not to forget the value of having the history just for comparison purposes, especially if running balance sheets and income statements.” 

Accounting practices get a helping hand with simple Xero conversion 

With Jet Convert, accounting practices get the benefit of have someone on hand to smoothly manage the Xero conversion process for them from beginning to end. This includes:

  • Pre-conversion recommendations before uploading your file, so you get the most beneficial results out of Xero. 
  • An automated conversion of your data to Xero using our sophisticated transfer processes 
  • Extensive automatic and manual testing to ensure accuracy 
  • An Action Checklist providing analysis of your data and recommended next steps, including system differences 

In the end, conversions are essential, especially for accounting firms that want to pass on the operational efficiencies and other benefits associated with cloud accounting to their clients. However, keeping that conversion process cost-effective and straightforward takes the help of a conversion firm that automates the conversion process. This frees accounting professionals to focus on their job and their clients’ business, not the technology. 

“Jet Convert does the job. I’m not looking for another conversion supplier,” Georgiou concludes. “It just works. I highly recommend it to others.” 

Get started today to learn how Jet Convert can help your firm convert to Xero with fewer headaches.

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