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Xero and Salesforce are collaborating to help US small businesses thrive and operate efficiently

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Carol Haverty

Nov 23, 2020

Over the last few months, we’ve seen how small businesses have struggled, overcome challenges and proven their resilience to continue serving customers. Small businesses are the cornerstone of every community, and thriving in a world impacted by COVID-19 requires agility and strategic thinking. Throughout the pandemic, we’ve seen how small businesses have sought to increase their online presence and identify ways to become more digital as they engage with customers under lockdown. 

We recently commissioned The Next Chapter for Small Business study by Forrester Consulting to uncover the true impact of the pandemic on small businesses. The study found that 49% of business owners are using cloud technology during COVID-19, up from 32% in 2019. Businesses that thrived during the pandemic showed a higher percentage of online revenue as well as greater cloud adoption. 

Predict and plan for the future with the cloud

Cloud and web-based tools have been critical for many small businesses operating successfully throughout so much disruption. The Forrester study also details how thriving businesses understand the ecosystems in which they operate and can tap into their networks to sustain and grow their business. 

At Xero, we’re passionate about helping small businesses and recognize that developing partnerships within the small business ecosystem can help meet customers’ changing needs. Today, we’re thrilled to announce that we’re starting a collaboration with Salesforce to provide small businesses across the US with free resources and discounted product offers. Through these initiatives, Xero and Salesforce will help small businesses manage their operations more effectively so they can focus on running their business and building stronger customer relationships. 

Resources to keep your business running smoothly

Product offers available for eligible Salesforce Essentials customers include a 50% subscription discount applied to the first six months of an applicable Xero Business Edition plan. The Xero platform provides business owners with access to accounting and compliance tools, business services, more than 800 add-on apps and real-time financial information to help them get the most from their business. 

Throughout the pandemic, small businesses have seen the importance of cash flow in times of crisis. Research from JP Morgan found half of small businesses hold a cash buffer of less than one month and 25% of small businesses hold fewer than 13 cash buffer days in reserve. At a time when cash flow issues are top of mind for many small businesses, the Xero platform provides an up-to-date-view of business performance and brings all the necessary financial data and information together in one place to help small businesses succeed. 

Learn more and access the offer here. Additionally, as businesses look to stabilize, reopen and grow, the Salesforce Resource Center provides free articles, videos, insights, tips and more, tailored to specific roles and industries. 

Ongoing support when your business needs it most

For qualifying Xero customers in the United States who are new to Salesforce Essentials, they will receive a 25% discount on one Salesforce Essentials annual subscription. 

Salesforce Essentials allows small businesses to drive stronger sales and smarter customer support. This offer provides eligible Xero customers with a way to start their journey on a CRM platform that grows with them and can be customized to meet their business needs. 

The fourth edition of the Salesforce Small and Medium Business Trends Report found that CRM software is becoming more entrenched in small business operations, with a 24% increase in CRM adoption by small businesses since 2019. Small business leaders also shared that using CRM delivers better and faster customer service as the technology’s biggest benefit. This shows how digital-forward businesses can be better placed to handle market volatility. 

Access the offer by going here, where you can sign up for your free trial and enter the promo code XERO25 at any point when you are asked to put in payment information.

In addition to these new product offers, Xero and Salesforce will contribute educational content to company blogs and resource centers. In a recent piece featured on the Xero Blog, the Salesforce team shares the importance of digital transformation for customers and small businesses.  

Helping you get the assistance your business needs

By utilizing these offers from Xero and Salesforce, we hope more small businesses can benefit from digital services to improve their operations, increase agility, gain the support they need and become more resilient. Together, Xero and Salesforce are providing small businesses with a variety of resources that offer ways to maintain business continuity and make smarter decisions as they continue to plan for the future.

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