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Xero and Ownr are working together to support entrepreneurs

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Josh McConnell

Jul 6, 2021

At Xero, we know that starting and managing a business can be challenging and making the jump to self-made is never straightforward. We want to change how small businesses are supported, and a big part of that is to help entrepreneurs get started. This includes setting them up to succeed so they can focus more on doing what they love.  

New businesses and innovation is going to drive the Canadian economy forward post-Covid,  that’s why we’re excited to announce a new partnership with Ownr. As an all-in-one incorporation platform for Canadian entrepreneurs, Ownr supports businesses and their advisors with tools to streamline business registration, incorporation, and corporate document management.

By simplifying and automating business formation and everyday legal work for small businesses, Ownr helps advisors replace manual corporate tasks. This frees up time for advisors to support their clients and eliminate the headache of business complexities for them.

“Technology can be a powerful unlock for small businesses — the past year and a half has shown us how critical it can be. The right tech tools in the hands of educated business owners and the accounting professionals that support them make for something truly special,” says Faye Pang, Xero’s Canada Country Manager. “That’s why we’re excited to partner with Ownr to add more powerful tools to their toolkit. By having access to daily business insights, businesses are empowered to make informed decisions to adapt to change and overcome unexpected challenges.”

About Ownr

Ownr has helped launch over 450,000 Canadian businesses since 2017, supporting entrepreneurs to hit the ground running quickly – and affordably. Business owners and advisors love Ownr because it provides an easy way to automate legal work for your business, even as you grow. 

If you have questions about how to register or incorporate your business, check out the Ownr business guides or visit to learn more.

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