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Fieldays 2021: Connecting with the NZ agri community

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Cam Anderson

Jun 21, 2021

That’s a wrap for Fieldays 2021! Xero has been a big supporter of Fieldays for a number of years, and we were thrilled that we could come together in person for this event.

After an incredibly tough year in 2020, we wanted to emphasise to the agri community the importance of looking after yourself and your team. That’s why we chose the theme of wellbeing to underpin our activity at Fieldays this year.

Looking after wellbeing on the farm

Life on the farm often comes with a lot of pressure and uncertainty. With so many jobs to get done and long hours adding up, wellbeing is not always front of mind. Wellbeing is a key component of happiness and our workplace plays a big part in building personal resilience.

At Fieldays, to inspire people to connect with each other and spark dialogue around how they’re feeling, we created mood badges which used weather icons as a way of showing how people were feeling. Just like we often talk about the weather, we should be talking about how we feel too. 

Talking is the start of managing wellbeing. We know it can be hard, so we’ve teamed up with Farmstrong to give you some simple steps to support positive wellbeing for you and your team. From taking time out to practicing healthy thinking, these tips are designed to support individual wellbeing.

Engaging with customers and partners

Attendees tuned in to live seminars hosted on the Xero stand by the Xero team along with our friends at Figured and PaySauce. These sessions covered how farming teams can use the Xero for farming package to better manage their finances and make decisions with clarity and confidence. 

Xero, Figured and PaySauce together offer a fully integrated financial solution for farmers, and their wider team including their accountant, banker, and consultant. Bringing together different perspectives with up-to-date data provides a ‘bigger picture’ view of a farming business, to identify what’s going well, what’s not, and what needs to be done to head in the right direction.

We loved hosting our Xero partners in the barn, where we heard from rural insights expert Julia Jones from NZX, and went on an ‘amazing race’ around Fieldays! 

Over on Fieldays TV, the Xero team hosted conversations with special guests to discuss everything from regenerative farming and technology enhancements to the connection between food and mood. 

Fieldays TV – David Bell, Xero and Julia Jones, NZX talk about trends and insights in the agri industry.

Fieldays TV – Cam Anderson, Xero and Sarah Dobson, Figured discuss how technology is being used to help farmers become more efficient and get a greater work-life balance.

Fieldays TV – Te Radar interviews Craig and Bronwyn Hudson about how to look after your own wellbeing and your team, and the impact this can have on your business.

You can find more information and resources from our activity at Fieldays here.

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