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Five reasons to simplify HR and payroll with Talenox


Apr 12, 2021

Growing your business can come with challenges, like continually adjusting your payroll systems as your team rapidly expands. To make things easy for you, we have developed a seamless integration with Talenox in Singapore and Hong Kong. It offers an end-to-end payroll and HR solution that will grow with you, helping you save time and costs, so you can focus on expanding your business. Here’s why we think you should give it a try.

1. Conveniently manage employee data in a single unified HR platform

Gone are the days when managing employee data and payroll meant manually recording, editing, moving and merging data on spreadsheets. Talenox offers a cloud-based platform where you can easily manage payroll as well as record and store employee data in one single location. Profiles, payroll and leave apps are seamlessly synced and updated in real-time for intelligent management across the organisation. With your Xero integration, you can easily export payment information for each employee directly into your accounting ledger. 

2. Enjoy one-click payroll management with Xero

With just one click, employee payment information will reflect in your general ledger with the necessary deductions — like taxes —built in. This will then be posted to Xero’s chart of accounts. Talenox is always up to date with the latest employment act, or ordinance and relevant updates in labour laws, saving you the extra step of manually updating your workflows.

Complex payroll framework? No problem. Talenox helps you save time by categorising your payroll into specific pay items such as salaries, wages, taxes and overtime, which will be duly reflected in your Xero ledgers, according to your payroll groupings. Talenox can also handle specific pay periods for different pay groups, with exact breakdowns of each employee’s pay, saving your team hours of data crunching.


3. Reduce risk of costly manual errors

Because your employee data is seamlessly synced and updated across all apps in real-time, the risk of making costly and time-consuming errors is greatly reduced, so work can flow quickly and seamlessly between departments. Through Xero, you’ll also be directly connected to Asia’s leading banks, such as DBS, HSBC, OCBC and UOB. Transaction data gets sent directly from your bank to Xero, saving you precious time and employee hours. 

4. Get secure remote access and enhanced scalability

With digitalisation accelerating across the globe in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, smart businesses are moving their workflows to the cloud for easy remote access. Through Talenox’s cloud-based platform, your departments can work seamlessly together and access up-to-date information anytime. Whether they are in the office or at a remote location, they can input data or access reports using a PC, Mac or mobile device. 

Talenox grows with your company. It takes care of increasingly complex workflows as your business expands, ensuring you’re not caught with a solution that you’ve outgrown.

5. Set up, connect and sync with ease

Setting up Talenox with a Xero integration is easy. Simply visit Talenox’s page on the Xero app marketplace where you can sign up for Talenox using your Xero credentials. Then get started by syncing your Xero data without delay. 

Xero Partners can also sync clients using bulk connections, making it easier and quicker for advisors to connect new clients to the app, reducing friction and ultimately leading to more app connections.

Get started connecting Talenox and Xero or learn more about how an integration with Talenox  and Xero can help you here.

For businesses outside of Singapore and Hong Kong, the Xero app marketplace also offers integrations with other payroll providers that offer similar services to Talenox. Visit the Xero app marketplace to discover how to streamline your workflows and drive growth.

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