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Product Updates 2 min read

New tools to manage your client list in Xero HQ

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Anesh Budhabhai

Jul 20, 2021

We’ve made a number of updates to Xero HQ over the past 12 months. It’s all part of our next generation practice vision to make Xero HQ a purpose-built Client Relationship Management (CRM) system for your accounting or bookkeeping practice. 

However, we know the real power of Xero HQ comes from the seamless connection between your client’s record and their Xero organisation. That’s why we’ve developed new features to help you connect the two.

Connect your existing clients to their Xero organisation

Until now, you could only create a new organisation for an existing client, or create a new client from an existing organisation. This made it tricky to connect an existing organisation with an existing client. 

Some Xero partners also told us they couldn’t find the ‘Go to Xero’ button on clients they knew had a Xero organisation, either because they didn’t use Xero HQ to create the organisation, or because the client owns the subscription.

With this latest change, you can now connect an existing client to an existing organisation in Xero HQ. This will allow you to access and manage the organisation from Xero HQ, and bring information into the client list, such as the organisation name, number of unreconciled transactions, and financial year-end date.

Choose how you manage your clients in Xero HQ

When you accept an invite into a client’s organisation, you can now choose whether to create a new client record for your practice, or add the organisation to an existing client. 

This makes it easier to give staff access to client records and keeps your Xero HQ client list organised, so you don’t spend time looking for the information you need. Soon you’ll also be able to add an existing organisation to a client in Xero HQ straight from their client details page or the client list.

One of the great things about this new feature is that you don’t need to merge clients to connect the client and their organisation together. If you do want to merge them for any reason, we’ve made it easy for you by displaying business information during the merge, to help you decide which one to keep.

If you have organisations that aren’t connected to a client, you’ll be able to easily find them in a banner at the top of your Xero HQ client list. This is useful if you have trouble finding an organisation in Xero HQ that you can see in My Xero – you can resolve this and manage the organisation from Xero HQ instead. You can also select in bulk which organisations to add to Xero HQ. We’ll also check if the organisation matches any of your existing clients, before creating a new client.

These features give you more control over how you manage your clients in Xero HQ, helping you build a more simplified and accurate client list.

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