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How to get support as you make the switch to new reports

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Tory Anderson

Jun 19, 2023

There’s now a little over a month to go before old reports in Xero are retired. Our new reports are packed with powerful customisations that will help you get quick access to answers and streamline your financial analysis.

As you finish up your work in old reports and prepare for the big day, it’s a good idea to understand where you can find information on new reports and get support from our team if you need a hand.

We’re retiring the older versions of our reports in Xero on 31 July 2023 at 6am NZST. In some time zones, this will mean that old reports will not be available from 30 July 2023. Remember: you’ll need to do your month-end reporting for July 2023 in new reports, as older versions won’t be available.

Where to find the latest information

We’ve shared a lot of information about reporting over the past 12 months. Here’s a quick recap on where to find the key information that will help you in the weeks ahead:

How to get support

Xero Central is our one-stop-shop for getting the support you need. It has a range of content to help answer your questions about Xero, including how-to articles, videos, community discussions and the option to raise a case with our customer experience team if you get really stuck.

Access support content

You can ask a question in the search bar of Xero Central or within Xero (click the question mark in the top right corner of Xero) and support articles will come up, based on what the search engine knows about you from your Xero account, or which page you’re on in Xero.

You can also check out the reporting playlist on our YouTube channel, to learn how to make the most of features available in new reports. You’ll learn how to use common formats, customise reports with the layout editor, manage reporting preferences, and more.

Get individual support

If your question is more complex and you need individual support, you can contact Xero support. Click on your ‘User profile’ in the top right corner, then select ‘My cases’ and ‘Contact Xero support’.

All you need to do is fill in the form, which is sent to our customer experience team. They will triage it and assign it to the next available specialist with the right skills (often a degree in accounting and expertise in reporting) to help you.

When you raise a case you can request a call, or we’ll ask for your phone number if we think talking to you directly will help. Our customer experience team is based in eight offices around the globe, meaning we can provide support 24/7.

How to provide feedback

If you don’t have a specific question but would like to share your thoughts and feedback with our product team, we’re always listening. Here are the best ways to reach out, to make sure that your feedback is captured and sent to the right people.

Use the tips and tricks panel

Select ‘Tips and tricks’ in the top right corner of some of our most popular new reports, to access our handy panel. It features support articles, how-to videos and a feedback button that will send your thoughts and ideas directly to our product team.

Visit Xero Product Ideas

Xero Product Ideas is our way of making sure we hear directly from you on what’s important. You can share your ideas on the changes you’d like to see in Xero, comment on the community’s thoughts and ideas, and vote for the ideas you’d most like to see delivered.

One last reminder

We urge you to finish up your work and start using new reports as soon as possible, so you have time to wrap up your work before old reports are retired. We’ve given you 12 months’ notice and all the support you need to get ready — but if you need some additional support, we’re here to help.

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