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Five reasons to stay connected with the Xero Accounting app

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Ed Bobeff

Oct 7, 2021

As a business owner or manager, your daily to-do list probably sings to the tune of a hundred different things – and that’s just the morning alone. Every minute of the day counts when running your own show, especially when on-the-go, busy with clients or buried in the admin of your business.

Doing tasks from your phone or tablet can help you to manage your money in the moment, reconcile, invoice and quote from the touch of a button, stay on top of your cash flow position and maintain a trusted and up-to-date overview of your business activity. 

Here are five reasons businesses like yours trust the Xero Accounting app to keep them connected, in control and one step ahead of their finances at all times. 

Get more done in-the-moment

Every small business owner and sole trader needs the opportunity to be able to complete tasks in the moment, but when you’re moving from job to job, hands-on with a client, mid-workout or in the middle of the kids’ bedtime, it can be hard. Being empowered to login and do things quickly matters.

The peace of mind that comes from carrying out a job in the moment is not only rewarding, but also works to ensure that the books stay organised and up-to-date. For example, not only does reconciling expenses on mobile make tax time that much easier, but it actually allows you to make the most of your downtime. So, even if you’re lounging in front of the TV or having breakfast, you can tick another job off.

Discover your cash flow position at a moment’s notice

Knowing where you stand empowers you to have better conversations with suppliers and customers, but it’s not always possible to forecast when you’ll need to know that level of detail.

Being able to gain a quick and informed picture of your cash flow allows you to make decisions that have a positive knock-on effect to other parts of your business. For example, if you login and see that big invoice has been paid, you can more confidently pay that other outstanding bill, all from the touch of a button.

Close the sale faster

Imagine quoting for a job onsite, and then seeing an acceptance notification before you’ve even stepped foot into the car to head home? If you spend a large portion of your day visiting prospective clients or keeping busy on the tools, closing sales is paramount to ensuring that your time spent quoting for work turns into a sale – rather than an opportunity cost.

Quotes that are delivered quickly and efficiently after an in-person or phone interaction are far more likely to lead to paid jobs. Being able to immediately craft a personal scope of work (complete with a comprehensive cost breakdown) can help you to stay front of mind and capitalise on the goodwill of your recent exchange. 

You’re empowered with ease and immediacy, allowing you to bring in more business, more efficiently and more often, turning quotes into invoices with much less work. 

Get paid quickly

Once the job is complete, business owners like Tom Parker from Falmouth Cleaning Management have experienced first-hand how much quicker his invoices are paid when sent from the app.

According to Tom, when the payment process is low-touch enough that it activates from the touch of a button, he can spend less time worrying about what customers owe him and more time on things that move the needle in his business. “As any business owner knows, spare time is often in short supply,” he told us. “From my smartphone, I can run my business whilst out meeting clients, send off a quote within minutes, or catch up on invoices while waiting in my van.  

“This ease of use and seamless integrations offer real-time and accurate invoicing on-the-go. So, I can login and look at how my business is doing with handy snapshots that give me as much information as I need, 24/7.”

Stay paper-light and organised

The feeling of heavy pockets, bulging receipt drawers and overstuffed car doors – it’s the messy and haphazard reality of owning a business for many. Forgetting things? Another entrepreneurial rite of passage. 

By being able to collate notes and attachments when out and about, plus settle invoices, bills, expense claims or cash transactions on-the-go, you keep your pockets light and affairs organised.

With the Xero Accounting app, you can take your business anywhere. While we know that mobile doesn’t work for everything accounting-related, there are many things that just make sense to be able to do quickly and without friction.

Ready to make the most of your down time? Over 3.5 million sessions a month are done on the Xero Accounting app. Download it from Apple App Store and Google Play for free as a part of your Xero subscription.

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