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Something for the kids: Xero at STEMwana 2020

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Ruth James

Sep 30, 2020

Part of the Tech Outreach and Engage purpose is to: Increase a diverse pipeline of talent into tech. For me, being based in Auckland, most of my focus for this has been local. So, when the STEMfest team, based in Tauranga, reached out to us to get involved with their inaugural event in 2019, we jumped at the opportunity. 

STEMfest 2019 was Tauranga’s first-ever festival celebrating the wonders of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The free day long event is pack full of fun, exciting and thought-provoking activities and events aimed at children, young people and families.

Like most things this year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the award-winning team has had to revise what was originally planned for this year. This has also led us to rethink how we would engage with kids and their families through this event too. 

STEMfest has now morphed into STEMwana, a series of events, challenges, online conversations, initiatives and community engagements to enable young people and their families to explore opportunities in STEM.

If you are based in Tauranga, or, maybe you and the family are planning a road trip there during the school holidays, I highly recommend you check out the various events taking place around the city, especially: 

STEM Explorer Trail

A unique website app that provides an interactive way of exploring hidden STEM challenges and tasks within Tauranga’s CBD. This has been designed and developed by the YouthDev team a group of volunteer mentors and youth. The STEM Explorer Trail is a one-of-a-kind app experience made by locals for locals (and visitors). Complete challenges as an individual or as a team, unlock special tasks, explore the CBD and win some cool prizes. 

Activated from 1st October to 31st December.


STEM HQ will be the flagship location and activation space for the STEM Explorer Trail. A FREE to visit, engaging and interactive hands-on space that inspires experimentation and exploration for all ages. STEM HQ is centrally located in Tauranga’s CBD at Goddards Center on Devonport Road. 

STEM HQ opens to the public on 1st October.

It is at STEM HQ where you will discover our Xero stand in the Exhibition Space. This is where we will be encouraging young people to participate in the online challenge Coding Adventure

If you aren’t planning to go to Tauragua any time soon you can also access Code Adventure here

The Code Adventure is accessible from now until 31st December enjoy, and please share.

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