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Small firm, big impact: Tennick Accountants win hotly contested Xero Award

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Amelia Murray

Jun 21, 2023

You win, or you learn – that’s one of Tennick Accountants’ internal mottos, and one that encouraged the firm to put themselves in the running and enter the 2023 Xero Awards UK & Ireland. For Graeme Tennick and his team that belief paid off, with the firm taking home the Small Firm of the Year award, the most hotly contested category of the programme. 

“We aren’t new to Xero and whilst we have been using Xero for a number of years now, we didn’t honestly think we would be shortlisted, let alone win,” said Graeme Tennick, founder and Chief Impact Officer at Tennick Accountants.

“In our own eyes, we didn’t think we were doing anything revolutionary or new until we filled in the application form,” Graeme adds. “This was when it actually made us take a step back and say ‘wow’. What we have done over the last 12 months, which ties back so much to the values of Xero, has been incredible. Regardless of how our application was received, it made all of the team proud just taking a step back and reflecting.”

In the fast-paced world of accounting and financial management, recognition for outstanding achievements is a testament to exceptional work and dedication. Our judges said the firm has embraced digitalisation with Xero embedded in everything they do. 

“Tennick Accountants have successfully built a strong foundation through Xero, which is echoed through the expertise that their team offers and continues to maintain,” judges said. 

But it wasn’t just Tennick Accountants’ focus on leveraging technology that set the firm apart: “Taking on a ‘business first and finance second’ approach, they recognise the mental struggles of business owners, putting them at the heart of what they do by upskilling their team on coaching, and focusing on mental health,” judges added. 

The Small Firm of the Year award celebrates the Xero accounting or bookkeeping partners that have cracked the formula for success. Tennick Accountants has done just this, with unwavering commitment to client care, innovative use of technology, and their dedication to knowledge sharing within the community.

Client-first approach

Tennick Accountants’ client-centric approach to accountancy is what set the firm apart, with a real focus on delivering exceptional customer service to help their clients achieve their goals. The team undertook coaching qualifications to enhance their understanding of their clients’ struggles and ensure effective communication. Through this process they have made it their job to understand the mental load that business owners bear and have gone the extra mile to support them. 

Tennick Accountants focus on the true reasons why their clients started their businesses, which they add is rarely to just save tax, working it backwards into three core areas that require focus and attention. Those are then broken down into manageable steps to help clients reach their goals. 

“We make this support almost seamless by also having training portals to better support and guide clients,” they added. 

Embracing technology for an enhanced service

Tennick Accountants has fully embraced technology to gain practice efficiencies and boost client service. From offering 24/7 access to valuable resources, to streamlining onboarding processes, they’ve made client interactions seamless. 

What’s more, the firm consistently recommends Xero’s suite of products, recognising it as the hub for their operations, and equips their team with comprehensive Xero training to stay up-to-date with the latest features and enhancements.

Empowering clients and the wider community

Demonstrating a commitment to sharing knowledge with clients and the wider community, the team at Tennick provide regular internal training sessions, ensuring their team’s expertise surpasses their clients’ needs. They take pride in educating others about Xero, even involving work experience individuals in completing Xero certifications. In addition, they actively participate in events like Xerocon, contribute to promotional videos, and collaborate on mental health initiatives, showcasing their dedication to community support. 

Kudos to Tennick Accountants

When asked how others should know whether or not to enter the Xero Awards, Graeme’s advice is: “Do it!” 

Graeme adds: “One of our mottos internally is “You win or you learn” and that is my renewed approach to something like this. As a minimum, you will have the opportunity to take a step back and reflect on the progress made, and that which is still to come.

Kudos to Tennick Accountants for everything that you do, and well done again!

To find out more, you can visit the Tennick Accountants website, or connect on LinkedIn.

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