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Business as usual for Xero Mid-Size Firm of the Year winners: Sempar Accountancy and Tax

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Amelia Murray

Jul 13, 2023

Sempar Accountancy and Tax have been crowned the Xero Mid-size Firm of the Year at the 2023 Xero Awards for UK and Ireland. This award recognises their innovative practice and unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional client service. 

We take a look at what sets Sempar apart, and how the firm has helped their clients achieve their business goals. With a client-centric approach and a dedication to leveraging technology, Sempar turned their success into business as usual.

Driving digitisation

Sempar has embraced technology to drive digitisation, enhance practice efficiency, and deliver exceptional client service. By integrating tools such as Ignition, Zapier, Trello, JotForm, and Office365, they’ve developed a sophisticated client onboarding process that ensures outstanding customer service and regulatory control. To top it all off, once a new client is onboarded, Sempar’s brownie supplier is triggered to automatically send a box of sweet treats to welcome the new client. Genius!

As a 100% Xero practice, Sempar is able to maximise the benefits of Xero’s software and other integrations for their clients. By automating credit control, payroll, reporting, budgeting, and more, Sempar empowers clients to streamline manual processes and access real-time, integrated management solutions. 

Through Analytics Plus and bespoke reporting, clients gain a deeper understanding of key business metrics and KPIs, transforming the way they track and forecast performance.

Sempar Accountancy and Tax co-founder, Aludia Binos, explains, “Innovation has always been one of our core values and we pride ourselves on being able to add value to our clients and have that wider impact through technology”.

Sempar’s commitment to leveraging technology ensures clients have accurate, up-to-date information to make informed business decisions, revolutionising their business practices.

Thinking outside the box

Sempar invests in the development of their team and actively transfers that knowledge through various channels. “Clients benefit from valuable insights through emails, social media posts, podcasts, seminars, and webinars,” explains Aludia. 

With their in-house studio, the team at Sempar create high-quality video content, hosts the Sempar Talks podcast, and introduces SemparTV for inspiring and informative digital content. They also offer opportunities for clients to deepen their understanding through Lunch and Learns, in-person and online group training, and personalised 1-1 Xero training.

Looking ahead

Sempar has ambitious plans for the next five years. Looking to expand their services to include increased technology support, business coaching, mentoring, peer-learning, and networking. Their rebranding efforts will showcase their growing team, client success stories, and provide a one-stop hub for accessing their videos and downloadable guides. Through Tech Thursdays and other engaging social media content, Sempar will continue to share useful, creative, and exciting information that drives their clients’ digital evolution. 

As Xero’s Mid-size Firm of the Year, Sempar Accountancy and Tax exemplifies excellence in client care, digitisation and knowledge sharing, all while leveraging the power of Xero. 

For those looking to enter the Xero Awards, “Just do it!” says Aludia. “It’s an opportunity to pause and reflect on your successes over the last year and a reminder to celebrate your wins and tell the world about it. This is your sign to enter.”

Their dedication to their clients’ success and their passion for driving digital transformation ensures that they will continue to inspire and deliver exceptional service for years to come. Congratulations again!

To find out more, you can visit the Sempar Accountancy and Tax website, or connect on LinkedIn.

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