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Planday has arrived in Australia. Is it right for your business?


May 2, 2023

Managing people is one of the biggest challenges faced by small businesses. The complexity of payroll obligations makes this even more of a burden. In fact, last year we surveyed small businesses across Australia and found that 37% were worried they would accidentally pay their staff incorrectly.

To ease the burden on employers, we’ve introduced an online workforce solution: Planday. This is part of our suite of employee management tools available in Australia, helping employers and employees connect in real time.

Not sure if Planday is right for you or your clients? Here are four ways it can help make employee management easier.

1. Streamline time tracking, rostering and communications

For those using spreadsheets and manual rosters, Planday completely digitises the process, moving all the time tracking, rostering and communications into the cloud. The staff planning tool helps employers by simplifying the arduous processes involved in time tracking and changing shifts. 

There’s also an app for employees to enter their availability, submit time and leave requests, view rosters and swap shifts. It also keeps employees up-to-date and engaged with in-app messaging, news, and an engagement widget.

2. Integrate with Xero Payroll

Planday on its own is a great tool for small businesses. But when combined with accounting and payroll software, it becomes a powerful solution. Planday integrates with Xero Payroll, offering a real-time picture of most labour costs versus key operating metrics, such as revenue.

If you’re an advisor who support your clients’ payroll, having all the timesheets in one place means less time chasing timesheets, while giving you a data trail to support compliance needs.

3. Navigate Australian Modern Awards

Navigating over 100 Modern Awards in Australia is overwhelming to many small business owners and their advisors. Awards outline the minimum pay rate and conditions which are different across industries and occupations. For small business owners, it’s critical that employees are paid correctly, or they can face penalties. 

Emma Stewart from Cultor said: “The Xero Payroll + Planday integration has streamlined our payroll processes. We are confident that our employees are getting paid correctly and we are complying with the General Retail Award.”

At this time, Planday’s award interpretation feature is available for businesses using the Retail and Clerks Awards. Planday will continue to release more awards into the future, such as Hospitality and Healthcare, to help you pay staff in line with the Australian Modern Awards rules.

If your Award isn’t available just yet, depending on your needs, you can still use Planday as a rostering, time tracking and employee communications tool. Set up pay rates manually in Planday and when you’re connected to Xero Payroll, they will automatically sync when processing pay runs. 

4. Forecast with advanced analytics

You’ll also have access to advanced analytics that provide forecasts on daily revenue versus most labour costs. For advisors with admin access, these analytics can help you provide guidance to clients on adjusting staffing levels and how to manage operations.

Planday will continue to expand its functionality in Australia. The Planday Plus package, which allows you to connect with Xero Payroll, is AU$7.25 (ex GST) per user, per month (minimum five users). Planday is currently billed separately to Xero Payroll.

If you’re interested in using Planday for your small business or practice clients, log into Xero to sign up and start using it today.

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