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Xero’s position on Ukraine and Russia


Mar 14, 2022

Xero strongly advocates for the restoration of peace, and we respect Ukraine’s sovereignty and the protection of its people. 

Xero extends its support to the people directly and indirectly affected by the invasion of Ukraine, including our customers, our people who are citizens of Ukraine, Russia and surrounding areas, those with family or personal connections, and all our people – who are affected in their own way.

Xero does not have any suppliers, employees or premises located in Russia nor any employees or premises in Ukraine, but does have a very small number of small business customers based in both countries. 

For any Xero customers in or displaced from Ukraine facing financial challenges, we’re committed to listening to and supporting them. Our Customer Response Team can be contacted through Xero Central at any time and we will respond promptly to their request.

In addition, Xero is giving employees the opportunity to donate funds to help during the crisis. Xero will donate, as well as match employee donations, and the proceeds will go to two key agencies – Unicef and Medicines Sans Frontiers – selected because they are helping with humanitarian efforts.

We also have several employees who are citizens of Ukraine and Russia and we continue to offer them any necessary support as part of our commitment to them. It is important to note, we are also offering support to our people and their families with personal connections to Ukraine and Russia through Xero’s Employee Assistance Program.

After strongly considering the needs of the many stakeholders connected to Xero and our values, Xero has decided not to offer its service in Russia at this time. 

While Xero has made this decision, we are working with affected customers so they can take the most appropriate action for their circumstances and extract their data. Xero will also continue to hold and protect their data for a period of time consistent with our data retention policy, so that it will be available should we commence supporting small business customers in Russia again.

We are closely monitoring the situation, including applicable global sanctions regimes, and will continue to take appropriate action, staying true to our values as we call for peace and the right outcome for Ukraine and the rest of the world.

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