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KPMG and Xero bringing bookkeeping to the cloud


Mar 30, 2022

We’re thrilled to announce Xero has entered into an agreement with KPMG Finance Plus to provide a cloud bookkeeping and accounting service solution for small and medium-sized businesses across Canada. 

“At KPMG Finance Plus, we recognized that many small and medium-size businesses need a way to ease their bookkeeping burden so they can focus on the growth of their business,” says Peter Gribilas, Partner at KPMG Enterprise. “Since businesses that accelerate their move to digital are better positioned in this new environment, we knew the solution had to be innovative and secure with financial information readily available for entrepreneurs. We also knew we had to make it easy for entrepreneurs to collaborate with their KPMG virtual accountant seamlessly, which is why we’re adding Xero to our toolkit of solutions.” 

Empowering business with technology

According to Xero’s small business trends report 2022, businesses are learning to incorporate technology in all aspects of their business. From leveraging digital wallets to speed up checkout to investing in digital marketing, they’re integrating online solutions to simplify processes and improve efficiency. “It’s been a challenging two years for small businesses and technology has made a big impact in driving the economy forward. We want small businesses to thrive through better access to tools, information, and collaboration” says Faye Pang, Xero’s Canada Country Manager. “That’s why we’re excited to team up with KPMG Finance Plus to provide businesses with easy access to their financials with the support of a KPMG accountant in one solution.” 

KPMG Finance Plus provides business owners with an efficient and affordable way to outsource their bookkeeping and financial reporting using KPMG’s secure cloud platform. It also provides businesses with personalized support from a KPMG accountant powered by Xero for an innovative cloud bookkeeping and accounting solution. Together, we help businesses organize and manage their financial documents, such as receipts and invoices. We can bring your financial picture into focus at a glance and provide deeper insights and growth opportunities to help you make informed decisions.

For over 150 years, KPMG professionals have provided consulting, accounting, auditing, and tax services to Canadians, inspiring confidence, empowering change, and driving innovation.  

To learn more about KPMG Finance Plus, visit

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