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5 tips to get the best out of apps at Xerocon

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Patrick Frigo

Aug 3, 2023

Xerocon is fast approaching: the best forum to hear about the latest innovations within Xero, get inspired and connect with other accountants and bookkeepers. 

Plus, with more than 70 app partners from the Xero ecosystem exhibiting at Xerocon Sydney on 23-24 August, it’s also the best opportunity you’ll have all year to connect with and learn about apps that can take your practice to the next level. 

We’ve put together 5 tips to help you get the most out of apps at Xerocon and walk away with some truly beautiful new solutions that you can put into action to benefit you and your clients’ businesses.

1. Get clear on your business wants and needs

Before you even step foot in the ICC, do a bit of homework to identify the top needs in your business this year, and the functionality you and your clients would benefit from the most. 

  • What are the key pain points in your practice? Where do you find yourself spending too much time and energy? What processes could be automated or made more efficient? If you have a team, talk to them to get a well-rounded view of how things are going.
  • What do your clients need most? Consider the challenges your clients face, or services they are crying out for. There could be an app that beautifully solves their problems that you can get familiar with and endorse, allowing you to level up your advisory offering.

Check out our guide to learn how to choose the right apps for your business (and your clients’ businesses!) in 5 easy steps to get more advice on identifying your needs and finding the most useful apps to meet them.

2. Make a shortlist + start some free trials

Time tends to fly at Xerocon – so it pays to make a list of which app exhibitors you want to talk to while you’re there. 

  • Explore the options. Check out the full list of apps exhibiting at Xerocon 2023 and learn more about how they integrate with Xero. 
  • Make a shortlist of those you want to chat with alongside your personal Xerocon agenda.
  • Start free trials now. See if the apps on your shortlist offer free trials and sign up via the Xero App Store (you can connect your Xero account and start a trial in just a few clicks). This way, when you do speak to app exhibitors, your conversation will be more personalised, you can bring real life examples and and exhibitors will be able to explain how you can get more out of their app’s functionality – without committing to a paid plan.

3. Talk to the experts

Be strategic with your time, and make sure you set aside enough amongst the main stage and breakout sessions to talk to the app partners you have identified. They are the experts, so have your questions and list of wants and needs ready so you can maximise your time with them.

Still not sure of your shortlist? There will be a number of great #humans from the Xero Ecosystem team at Xerocon, including myself and my fellow Partner Managers, our Developer Evangelists and more. We can help you refine your shortlist, discuss the various options and direct you to the apps that might best meet the needs of you, your team and your clients – so please come up and have a chat! 

4. Plan your sessions

All the breakout sessions at Xerocon are valuable, and you’ll find that apps are mentioned in most sessions because of how well they integrate with our products. However, if finding app solutions to grow and streamline yours and your clients’ businesses is your priority this year, the below breakouts may be good to add to your schedule:

Wed 23 August:

  • ‘Finding the right apps for the job in the Xero App Store.’ As more small businesses embrace digitisation, there’s an opportunity to think about the apps and tools that can enhance the value of your practice and level up your advisory skills. Come to this breakout session to learn how to find, try, recommend and build the right apps for your practice and clients, so you can spend time on things that matter.
  • ‘Intro to carbon accounting.’ Sustainability is the next frontier of compliance, and advisors need to be prepared to help clients navigate new standards and legislation. At this breakout session, you’ll learn how your practice can upskill in carbon accounting and build a valuable new offering for your clients using apps.

Thurs 24 August:

  • ‘Build an integration with Xero.’ Need something more bespoke to your practice? Come to the demo stage to learn how you can boost efficiency for your practice and clients by building an integration or app on the Xero platform.

5. Act on what you learn

Once you’re ready to get back to business (and you’ve recovered from the action!) it’s important to put everything you learned into action. 

  • Review (or write down!) your app notes. Were there apps that you wanted to add or take off your shortlist? Refine your shortlist based on your insights and conversations and remind yourself of their benefits and offerings on the Xero App Store. Get to a final list of apps that will be most impactful and you’re ready to try (or continue trying) for both you and your clients.
  • Pass on your knowledge. Talk to your team about the needs and pain points you think apps could help solve in your practice to get them on board and using them. Reach out to clients around apps you think could benefit them, you can even recommend the apps you now know more about to your clients via the Xero App Store. Sharing this information is a great way to extend your scope of engagement and the value you offer them. 
  • Turn your trials into subscriptions. If you or a client has been enjoying one of the app’s free trials and it’s making life easier already, decide on a subscription plan before the end of the trial so you don’t lose any functionality. 

We’re looking forward to seeing you in Sydney!

To plan your Xerocon Sydney experience and learn more about the sessions at this year’s event, check out the agenda.

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