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50,000 customers


Sep 21, 2011

Developing a great product is one thing but selling your dream to the world is another, and as every business owner will testify nailing each rise in customer number – especially in the early days – is a huge effort. Then once you’ve reached the goal for the year you brace yourself for the next push. The theory is it does get easier, especially as the pace quickens.

So it’s with great pride we announce today that Xero has passed the 50,000 paying business customers milestone. This is a mammoth achievement for the team and those, who like me, can remember it wasn’t that long ago when we were scratching to get our first 1,000 customers.

We’re really noticing now how the scale is working for the business. While those customer milestones keep rising, the speed at which we hit those numbers is accelerating. What’s also exciting is the global reach Xero now has – 40 percent of our customers are based outside of our home market. Having 200,000 active users in over 100 countries is very cool.

Another significant number we released today is that we’ve processed NZ$50 billion in transactions since we started four years ago. That blows even us away.

The scary thing is that it’s still early days.

Thank you to our valued customers for your support.  We know we still have a lot to do.

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