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36 billion


May 19, 2011

Today alongside our annual results we announced Xero has processed in excess of $35 billion of transactions – $36,742,064,684.47 to be exact!

Frankly the number amazed us when we saw it. We think it’s an important number as it shows that online business systems are well past the start up phase. SaaS is being adopted and has become an important part of the FinTech industry.

What could you do with that sort of money? To help put $36,742,064,684.47 into perspective it’s enough to buy LinkedIn several times over (a few less than yesterday), produce Avatar 96 times, or produce 100 solid gold elephants – the big kind.

Thank you all for entering the competition, we had an interesting range of guesses and strategies. A wedding anniversary – awww, “the highest number thus far, plus $1”, and excuse the pun, 0.

We had 307 entries, 45% of entries were in the billions, 10% overshot the mark and the highest being $890,990,998,998,900.99 ($891 trillion) – or more than ten times the worlds GDP, we’re not there yet but watch this space!

The winning guess was $35 billion via Twitter from Adam Roland from Auckland, New Zealand. We’ll be in touch to get your engraved Apple iPad out to you – congratulations.

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