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Xero On Air: That’s a wrap!

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Steve Vamos

Sep 22, 2020

Last week we launched Xero On Air, or what I sometimes refer to as our very own Xeroflix. 

It’s our first virtual customer series created to connect our global community and share insights and news we know would be helpful to you now and in the future. 

Innovation is often born from a need to change the way we do what we do and Xero On Air is the perfect example of this. To overcome social distancing challenges, our team at Xero got straight to work on a new way of bringing you all the latest product enhancements, economic insights and information on a virtual platform that could be viewed in your own time, in any location.

We know bringing people together at this time to share learnings and insights or just have a laugh is really important right now. Theo the Magnificent certainly taught us that.

To catch up on the product enhancements we made throughout Xero On Air, make sure you watch: 

  • New ways Xero is helping small businesses get started, including changes to our Starter/Early plan. Watch the episode here.
  • Next Generation Practice Parts One and Two where our Chief Product Officer, Anna Curzon, and Executive General Manager of Practice, Gareth Cronin, outline the latest product innovations for your accounting or bookkeeping practice. Watch the Next Gen Practice: Your future experience episode and the Next Gen Practice: Your workflow enhancements episode.
  • Cash flow Part One: Get paid on time, every time will teach you about customer credit limits on invoices and developments in e-invoicing. Watch the episode here.
  • Cash flow Part Two: Cash flow insights with Xero outlines the upcoming enhancements for our business snapshot and short-term cash flow features in Xero. Watch the episode here.

We also had a number of regional episodes that were tailored to what is happening in our largest communities: Asia, North America, New Zealand, Australia, and the United Kingdom and South Africa.

I’m incredibly proud of the Xero team who worked hard to pull Xero On Air together. Small business is family and community and we will continue to do everything we can to support the recovery. 

I’m grateful to our advisors, app partners and financial services partners who continue to work with us to make life better for people in small business.

We hope Xero On Air helps you on your change journey and realising your potential.

Like any good series or programs, personal recommendations are always the most popular way to tune in, so here are mine.

Don’t miss

  • A Stop Start Recovery: what Xero’s Small Business Insights data shows us – We released the findings of our Xero Small Business Insights special report: Pandemic Insights: Small Business Experience. The report highlights the economic impact of the pandemic on small businesses in some of our key markets including New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom. Watch the episode here.
  • Top Tips: Digital marketing on a budget Marketing experts from Google, Mailchimp and TRIBE gave their tips and tricks for marketing small businesses on a shoestring budget. Watch the episode here.
  • Towards 2030: The technology shaping our world Xero’s Chief Technology Officer, Mark Rees, gives Xero’s view of a significant technology of our time: augmented intelligence. Watch the episode here.

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