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How we’re improving employee and off payroll workers profiles in UK Payroll

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Shay McCusker

Jul 25, 2022

If you’ve set up an off-payroll worker in UK Payroll, you might have noticed that it previously looked different from employee setup. To provide you with the best possible experience and deliver a more consistent look and feel across our platform, we’ve now rolled out an updated design of employee profiles. 

This is all part of our work to upgrade the technology that underpins our platform, so we can build new features faster than ever before. The new look introduces a faster and simpler employee setup experience, and establishes a solid foundation for future improvements. But don’t worry, all sections across the employee profile are still available, with nothing added or removed.

What’s changing

Moving tabs to the side bar

We’ve moved the setup menu to the left hand side – similar to the off payroll workers’ setup. This means you can switch between pages, save information and make changes more efficiently.


Navigation names are changing

We’re updating several navigation labels to make sure they’re as clear as possible for you:

  • Details — where you capture an employee’s personal details such as address, date of birth and more — is now named ‘Personal Details’
  • Employment — now named ‘Employment Information’
  • Pay — where you’d identify how the employee’s payment will be processed — is now named ‘Payment Method’
  • Time off — the feature in Xero Payroll is being renamed ‘Leave’ to align with the employee experience in Xero Me. You may still see some references to ‘Time off’ in Xero Payroll, which will be changed to ‘Leave’ in the months ahead


Foreign addresses for employees

You can now onboard employees in your payroll with a residential address outside the UK. The employee will then be reported as a non-UK resident through pay run filings to HMRC.

Introducing the ‘Ready for pay run’ notification

We’re giving you a clearer indication of when you’ve completed the minimum requirements to include an employee in a pay run. We’ll also provide you with information on what will happen next.


New search functionality

New search functionality to navigate between employee profiles will help you quickly and easily look for employees and off-payroll workers’ names from within employee profiles.

Providing guidance throughout setup

We’ll be providing an easily-accessible, relevant article on each page to offer guidance on how to set up, edit and make changes.


With these changes, we’re confident that your Xero experience will be more efficient than ever before. However, if there are any changes you’re unsure about, don’t hesitate to reach out to the team.

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