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How this advisor designs seamless workflows with Xero document packs

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Jared Baker

Jul 20, 2021

Bookkeepers and accountants know better than most the challenges that come with organising documents online. From collating reports and financial statements to sending contracts for client signatures, the administrative side of advisory can be clunky and time consuming. But, with help from Xero document packs, that can all change in FY22. 

We introduced document packs to Xero HQ back in April this year. Instead of having to chase your clients to print, scan and sign forms, the feature combines each of these steps into an integrated workflow – all in the one place. It also offers simple and secure e-signing. Not only does this help to streamline processes, save time, and reduce administrative burden, it also provides a smoother experience for your clients. 

Of course, during tax time, all kinds of documents need to be virtually signed, sealed and delivered. So to better understand how our partners are using document packs to organise seamless workflows this financial year, we asked Catherine Maguire of Adelaide-based Tick Tax Accountants to share her experience. Here’s what she had to say: 

A seamless transition to the cloud 

“After more than a decade of working in large accounting firms, I was ready for a new challenge,” explains Catherine. So when she came across Tick Tax Accountants – a practice started by a husband and wife duo who were set to retire – it was the perfect opportunity to take on a firm of her own. Six years and a digital overhaul later, Catherine’s business is going from strength to strength. 

“In my early days with Tick Tax, we moved to Xero Practice Manager (XPM). Ever since, I’ve been keeping up with new software developments and technologies. Last year, we needed a new document management system. I tried a few, but none were linked to the cloud. So when Xero released document packs, we started using it from the get-go,” says Catherine. “We also adopted FYI, which is a cloud document management software purpose-built for accountants. Together with document packs, it was the perfect solution for our firm,” she adds. 

Saving time all year round 

Over the years, the Tick Tax team has built a community in Port Adelaide. From young career hopefuls, to families and tenured professionals, it’s these client interactions that Catherine enjoys the most. So come July, individual tax returns become a big priority for the firm. 

“When we need to get tax returns signed, document packs make the end-to-end process simple. From a client’s perspective, they don’t have to print, sign and scan forms back to us, which means they’re more likely to get things done quickly. Similarly, our team doesn’t have to manually input client information, saving us time with each individual return,” says Catherine. 

Although document packs are particularly useful at tax time, it also speeds up reporting processes all year round. “We use it to send out our quarterly BAS statements. Instead of wading through different reports, we can easily add published reports, and other documents requiring signatures, from Xero client files into a pack. This streamlines the whole process,” explains Catherine. 

Introducing smarter integrations

Having all of your files in one place makes document management a whole lot easier. And because Tick Tax uses XPM – which seamlessly integrates with document packs – Catherine can efficiently manage workflows from start to finish all within Xero HQ. It also means she receives in-platform notifications when clients have – and haven’t – read and signed letters and forms.

“In Xero HQ, you can see exactly what packs have been sent out, as well as any documents that are still waiting in drafts or those that have been opened and signed overnight,” she says. What’s more, Xero just released a new ‘reminder’ feature that allows you to resend a document pack that’s pending a client signature. “We’re big fans of this, as it ensures we stay on the ball with our proactive client engagement,” Catherine adds.

We’re pleased to share that document packs are now available to all of our partners in Xero HQ. To delve deeper into the features that Catherine mentioned, check out this blog post or head to Xero Central to learn more.

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