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Compliance may not be dead, but advisory is where it’s at

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Jon Winter

Dec 17, 2020

You’ve seen the trends in the accounting industry, right? Compliance revenues are falling as cloud-accounting software and automation makes it easier and more efficient to complete those repetitive tasks. 

Maybe some clients are starting to do some of their own work? Perhaps you’ve heard about an accounting practice which has transformed how it operates by introducing new advisory services and is now enjoying impressive growth? Maybe you’ve been thinking of doing something similar? But it’s hard, right? I mean, where do you even begin?

Well, we’re here to tell you that it doesn’t need to be difficult with the right support and tools in your back-pocket.

Become a valued advisor

We have introduced a brand new course on Xero Central – Become a valued advisor.

The course aims to give you a solid foundation, so you can start planning your path to offering advisory services. It covers actionable items like using Xero’s features to free up time spent on everyday bookkeeping and compliance tasks, and how you can take data automation and insights to the next level by connecting to ecosystem apps. 

You also learn how to review your practice’s internal processes, and identify areas you can improve such as common tasks your staff perform manually. Using a cloud solution, like Xero, reduces the time you spend on admin tasks so you can reinvest that time to grow your practice while helping your clients achieve their goals.

The course draws on research, interviews, articles, and case studies so you can learn from those pacesetting practices who’ve already walked the walk.

Build your strategy for success

Compliance is still important – it has to  be done. But you can do a lot more and offer real value to your clients with advisory services. Check out our new Become a valued advisor course on Xero Central today, and start building your strategy for success.

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