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Helping our UK accounting community

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Ian Phillips

Apr 12, 2022

I’m the Head of Partner Sales at Xero UK, having joined as a Senior Account Manager over 6 years ago. I’ve loved working closely with many of our accounting and bookkeeping partners and am passionate about the close role we play in supporting you all on your digital journey.

In the UK, we couldn’t have got to where we are today without the guidance of our fantastic accounting and bookkeeping community. You tirelessly help small businesses, so we understand just how important it is that you get the support you deserve. 

As every practice is different, with varying needs, we are making some changes to the ways that we support you so you have access to what you need, when you need it. I’d like to share an overview of all the areas of support we offer, from account management to education. 

But first I want to take this opportunity to apologise for any disruption caused when account managers change. We’ve made these changes to help you, however we appreciate that it can still be an inconvenience. While we can’t guarantee these types of changes won’t happen again, we’re making a number of improvements to ensure you know exactly where to turn.

Account management

For: Planning your digital journey, getting more out of our products and services

This team is dedicated to understanding, considering and advocating for the needs of our accounting partners. We also want to help you get more out of Xero’s products and services. 

Planning your digital journey can be complex. So to ensure you get better access to the right people at the right time, we have changed the set up of our account management team. We are providing you with better access to people with expertise in certain areas. We’ve also aligned the team by geography, so that whoever you are speaking to has an understanding of any local nuances in your area. 

For many of you, this will mean your account manager will change which we appreciate might cause disruption. In the long-term, by providing a better service, we believe the benefits will outweigh the negatives. 

Your account manager will be in touch and you can check out their details by visiting the Practice Overview area in Xero HQ .

Partner consulting

For: Helping you migrate to Xero and implement practice tools

Many choose to adopt a project-based approach to deploying Xero across their client base. And that’s why we have a team of partner consultants, many of whom have worked in practice. They possess a deep knowledge of our product range and understand the challenges and change management required to make the shift.

Our lead partner consultants are on hand to monitor progress and facilitate the support required while specialists have the knowledge to help you successfully deliver. This team also delivers our popular Energise series of webinars for those undertaking a smaller migration of clients. Even experts need experts.

Discover how the Partner Consulting team can help you.

Xero Central

For: Questions about Xero

If you’ve got a question about pretty much anything to do with Xero, Xero Central is the place to go. 

Our comprehensive support articles are updated daily and over 95% of people get the answer to their questions in just four minutes. 

If our content doesn’t answer your question, you’ll need one of our specialists to help. On these occasions simply raise a case and one of our customer experience specialists will respond. Our customer experience team works 24/7 across the world and most have a degree-level accounting background.

Get the answers to your Xero questions in Xero Central. You can also raise a case and get an estimate on how long it will take for a case to be responded to via ‘My cases’.


For: Training employees on all things related to accounting, skills and technology

Xero’s education team (many of whom are ex-practice staff) have created over 1,000 lessons, 19 certification and badge courses, videos and webinars all available to you on Xero Central. Topics cover a range of areas, such as core accounting, practice tools, and even the business skills that power client contact. You can also upskill and become #XeroCertified – a learning experience that helps our partners become proficient and confident with Xero’s core features.

Check out Learning on Xero Central, where you can find out how to get certified, and search for courses, webinars and videos. 

Listening and learning

One thing I’ve loved at Xero is the way our community supports one another. You’ve only got to look at Xero Discussions on Xero Central or our Facebook community to see the long list of comments, queries and messages of support. 

Our new site Xero Product Ideas (formerly Feature Requests) launched recently and is the interactive home for you to share the changes you’d like to see in Xero, and vote on other ideas. Elsewhere, our Xero Partner Advisory Council tests new ideas. We are always looking for new members to join so chat to your account manager if this interests you. And then of course, we can’t not mention Xerocon London. I can’t wait to catch up with many of you then.

Our goal is to make it as easy as we can for you to get the help you need, when you need it. To do that, we need to have genuine partnerships with our accounting community. We are very open to feedback and are constantly working on improving things for you, so please feel free to get in touch if there is anything you’d like to discuss.

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