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Employee Resource Groups: Building community and driving inclusion

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Matthew Coons

Jun 24, 2021

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) have a powerful opportunity to cultivate a culture of inclusion within an organization. They can have a big impact within the 4Cs of ERGs: Community, Culture, Career, and Commerce. Through a focused impact, organizations are able to have an intentional focus in driving inclusion efforts forward. 

At this year’s Prime Global conference, we shared with the audience an overview of how to build out an ERG program within their own organizations. One big question that came up throughout the process was how to incorporate similar programs for smaller groups that may not be able to support a multi-faceted ERG community. With smaller companies, having a diversity and inclusion (D&I) committee with a similar structure and resources can have just as much impact. The key is having a well-rounded D&I committee that encourages diversity of perspective; and has the support of the leadership team to make key changes that are identified. 

Driving a sense of belonging

Regardless of the size of an organization, and whether community is built through ERGs or a D&I committee, when the core tenants supporting all voices, allocate resources to ensure goals can be achieved, and the internal systems have a lens on equity, an organization can move towards a culture of inclusion and a sense of belonging.

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