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Calling all our Australian partners: Have you got the XPAC X factor?

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Jared Baker

Feb 22, 2021

Nominations are open for Australia’s Xero Partner Advisory Council (XPAC) and, this year, we’re doing things differently.

Since the launch of the XPAC in 2017, the advice of this dedicated and influential group of bookkeepers and accountants has been invaluable in shaping Xero’s decisions, evolving our partner community, and supporting small businesses.

In previous years, XPAC was made up exclusively of Xerocon award winners. This year, we aim to represent the community’s needs by welcoming a range of partners who are interested in the opportunity: big thinkers, constructive critics, industry veterans, and emerging leaders. 

Join XPAC for a chance to lead change

We know that our bookkeeping and accounting community has never been busier than in recent times, as you support small businesses to navigate the continuously changing conditions of COVID-19. However, we also know that many of you are passionate about challenging and championing the needs of the industry in this changing landscape. XPAC is a forum to do just that.

The committee focuses on open, honest and often critical conversations on a range of topics – from automation, tax and compliance to work-life balance, entrepreneurship, succession planning, and more. We’re excited to provide a platform where industry representatives engage in productive discourse on the issues that matter to you.  

Want to know more? 

Here’s what’s involved: 

  • XPAC members are appointed for a period of up to two years, commencing in February/March each calendar year and concluding in January, two years after commencement. 
  • Annually, nominations open for seven new members to join XPAC. The XPAC team is made of fourteen members in total, each year comprising seven new members and seven members who have already served a year. This alternating membership cycle allows for continuity of experience and knowledge, and for existing members to mentor new members. In Australia, this process is managed by our local community team.
  • Formal meetings are held every quarter. We regularly consult with XPAC on newsworthy and relevant issues that impact the industry or community during and outside of these meetings. 
  • As an XPAC member, we value your expertise and time. In 2021 and beyond, all panel members will be remunerated for their contributions and time spent away from their own businesses. 

The XPAC X factor 

The XPAC X factor draws on partners who aren’t afraid to challenge the status quo. As a former XPAC member and Founder of Melbourne accounting firm, Illumin8, Andrew Van De Beek embodies this with his constructive and collaborative approach. 

Being a part of XPAC gave him a seat at the table, not only with Xero leaders but also, in his own words, “With other inspiring business owners and decision makers from all areas of our community.” 

Andrew says that XPAC was an opportunity to support Xero to build a product that continues to drive healthy and beautiful businesses Australia-wide. This, in turn, helped his own practice and clients to do what they do best. 

How to apply for XPAC

Think you have the XPAC X factor? Here’s an overview of the application process:   

  • Nominations are open until 12 March, so apply now
  • The application process takes six weeks. You can expect to hear from us by mid April. 
  • For more information, read the Australian XPAC charter which outlines the purpose, eligibility, roles and responsibilities of XPAC members and Xero, as well as our approach to governance. 

 We can’t wait to see the next iteration of our partner advisory council take shape – and drive new decisions into the future.

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